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    Catalina Island Tilt-Shift | Time Lapse

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    The Village – Amazing Tilt-Shift Video

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    Netishyn Tilt Shift timelapse

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    Tilt Shift Asturias & Cantabria

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    Banished – Tilt Shifting w/ After Effects


Tilt Shift Photography Tecnique

What is Tilt Shift?

Tilt Shift is a term used for videos or photos taken using miniaturization effect. Lenses ,which especially can be used for tilt shift effects, are very expensive. Also It is a Premium wide-angled lens.


Tilt Shift 1

old town 3378775 640

How To Shoot

One strip on the scene must be focused, and other parts need to be blurred horizontally. As a result you have to feel to audience that camera could not focus all over the scene. Thus, the audience thinks that the scene captured is a miniature object. It is generally used for displaying architectural patterns.

Tilt Shift 2

construction 1453257 640

Finally you can add stop motion effect to your video. A successful stop motion effect will change the feeling better. The audience will be more convinced that the scene is miniature model.

Can You Combine Time Lapse Photography Tecnique?

Yes of course  you can combine it with Time lapse technique and it will be a great video.

Tilt Shift 3

flatiron 277879 640


You can use this method if you want to surprise the spectator by creating a video both fun and impressive. I'm sure many people will be interested.

You can have a look on Ebay or any other e commerce site for lens prices

You may want to take a look to this site if you want a cheaper solution (5 Cheap Tilt-Shift Lenses Anyone Can Afford)

Of course the easiest and free option for making tilt shift videos on your hands, yes your smart phones.  You can download any tilt shift app you like from google play or ios.

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