• turquoise timelapse a week in turkey 8Z4E0mhb6zI

    Turquoise Timelapse: A week in Turkey

  • 8220 go beyond 8221 4k ultra hd time lapse suWsd372pQE

    “Go Beyond” 4K Ultra HD Time Lapse

  • patagonia 8k ChOhcHD8fBA


  • amazing nature full hd 1080p time lapse mcixldqDIEQ

    Amazing Nature Full HD 1080p :Time Lapse

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    All Alone in the Night – Time-lapse footage of the Earth as seen from the ISS


 What is Time Lapse ? Best Time Lapse Videos

What is Time Lapse ? Lets Choose Best Time Lapse Videos

What is Time Lapse?

It is a photography technique. Photos taken with this technique for a specific time interval,can converted to a video with a designated time period. On the other hand, a good video camera can record 1920x1080p (Full HD) resolution, while a good camera can shoot 5184×3456 pixels in a frame. Created video with this  technique is much better and detailed than a Full HD camera recording. Time Lapse - 1 It has vital importance to have moving objects with different speeds on your scene. Like bloom in a flower-filled garden, changing postion of stars or a view of a living city. Let’s create an example for this photo shoot. Set your time interval for a second on your phone app (TimeLapse apps can be found in Google Play or App Store) or Camera. You must use them in Manuel mode and set auto focus disabled (set focus to infinity), determine your light mode. 1X60 = 60 frames are obtained from the shot. If we consider that we shoot for about 10 minutes. That would be 60*10*1=600 frames. Set your fps (frame per second) as your desire.


In PAL mode we use 25 fps. You will have a 600/25=24 seconds stunning video with a high resolution. The easiest way to create time lapse video is of course the phone apps. You can see the calculated results and set various parameters in your app.


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