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    Zidoo H6 Pro Review And Specifications

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    MINIX Neo U1 Review And Specifications

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    Amazon Fire TV (3rd Gen) Review And Specifications

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    NVIDIA Shield TV Review And Specifications

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    R99 TV Box Review And Specifications


Which TV Box Should You Buy ?

Which TV Box Should You Buy ? Android or any other TV Box are the devices that are used to make your TV smarter. Thanks to its interface, which is usually android, it allows you to watch 4K content, play games and even video chat. TV Boxes also called as Media Players.

xiaomi mi box 4 unboxing and quick review yjrl0N0Z0nw

xiaomi mi box 4 unboxing and quick review

What features should we pay attention to when choosing TV Boxes?


  • You should compare CPU speeds and benchmark results (Amlogic S912)
  • Internal Ram (3 GB)
  • Internal Ram Type (DDR 4) is also very important
  • And the last one of course the GPU, usually integrated with the processor (ARM Mali-T820MP3)
r99 review A09A31syZIs

r99 review

A Rich Content

What you need to pay attention to at this point is the brand in general. Because bigger companies like Nvidia keeps supporting the device after the purchase. User comments will also provide you with enough information about the content of the Tv box and its updates.

h96 pro plus android tv box review and unboxing wkD3t7BLxKw

h96 pro plus android tv box review and unboxing

Supported Media:   

  • Encoder: H.263,H.264,H.265
  • Sound format: AAC,AC3,MP3,OGG,WAV,WMA
  • Support for 5.1 Surround Sound Output: Yes

Briefly, you should purchase the device which supports more format.

nvidia shield tv nlO2lgeLzgs

nvidia shield tv

Aesthetic appearance

The appearance of the case is also important but more important one is of course the cooling feature. A well cooled case will not let you down long hours.

amazon fire tv 3rd gen Cdj UlgvnG0

amazon fire tv 3rd gen


You can use this device if your television is not smart,  a little smart or smart. TV Boxes can make your TV faster as you can ever imagined. You can have a great deal of content by connecting to internet or an external hard drive. You can even save electricity by setting internet downloads via this TV box. Tv boxes can be found on the internet at a wide range of prices. You can buy it around 20-200 dolars.

zidoo h6 pro xYN9rgpaj8

zidoo h6 pro

Best Brands

 Apple TV, Nvidia Shield TV, Amazon Fire TV, Roku, Minix, Zidoo, Wetek etc.

minix neo u1 1lxH5C4KDiQ

minix neo u1

zidoo h6 pro xYN9rgpaj8

Other Options

You can find smaller versions (TV Sticks) on the internet , attached to the HDMI of the television. But these sticks may be slower than its box form. There are also other companies that produce their own systems and adjust the hardware accordingly.

yundoo y8 android tv box review 4H9Q DpCN4A

yundoo y8 android tv box review

Best TV Box Of 2018

You can watch reviews and decide !!!

Please vote for your best after watching this video…

Where can I buy one?

I like Gearbest, this site has a lot of cheap options.